The Team

At the studios there are 10 people working on Audio Books, DVDs and TV for broadcast.

We are based in Sussex, England but work with Voice Artists from all over the place.

Below are the key people who run the Audio Book division.

David Ryder – Voice Artist Manager
David is the chap you would be dealing with as he supports all of the voice artists.

As well as appearing on BBC Radio 5 Live and TalkSport as a ‘Business Expert’, he is a professional voice artist having ‘been’ Felix Dennis, Luke Johnson and Robbie Burns among others.

Ben Ottridge – Technical Guru
Ben is a freelance genius to whom we turn when we can’t make things work properly. He set up the co-ordination and management of audio book recordings, designs and digital rendering and delivery.

Ben has tons of experience in music and recording. There are very few technical questions that Ben can’t answer.

Stewart Ferris – Commercial Manager
Stewart brokers all the distribution and content deals.

He has friends in high places – namely all the biggest publishing and distribution outlets – which saves you having to make them!